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Automatic Self-locking Solenoid Electrical Switch Assembly Machine
1. Automatic Self-locking solenoid electrical switch assembly line, can link several machines to work together as a automatic production line, including steps such as assembly, testing, dispensing, packaging, and other processes, the real intelligent production system
1. Automatic Self-locking solenoid electrical switch assembly machine is a popular style of high-grade, user-friendly design, HMI interface operation, can monitor the entire process of equipment, when the machine fails, the operation interface will promptly display fault information. In order to check the fault simple operation, maintenance easily
2. Production efficiency is high; the output of product quality and stability; machines can be customized according to customer needs and different types of products requirements.
Technical specification
Machine NameAutomatic Self-locking solenoid electrical switch assembly machine
Machine ModelSelf-locking switch assembly of washing machine
Overall DimensionApprox. 15M*2m*2M (variables due to custom design)
Gross Weight15 Ton
Air Pressure0.6Mpa
Productivity15 pcs/Min.
Voltage/Frequency380V 50HZ
Pass yield98%
Noise level≦75automated assembly machine manufacturers

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